Connecting Google Ads on Oviond

Steps to assist you in connecting Google Ads on Oviond, including permissions, limitations, reconnecting, and possible error messages.

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This article will help you understand how to connect and use Google Ads on Oviond.

Google Ads Permissions

In order to pull your Google Ads data through to Oviond, you need to have a Google manager account, previously known as My Client Center (MCC). One way to check if you have a manager account is to click on the Google Account icon on the top right of your Google Ads screen, if the email address you are using for Google Ads is linked to a manager account, you will see Managers next to the account ID.

Or alternatively, you could follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Ads account.

  2. From inside the Ad Account, go to Tools and settings.

  3. Under Setup, select Access and security.

  4. Go to Managers.

  5. You will see under this tab if there is a Manager Account with the Ad Account.

You need to have Admin access on the manager account in order to connect Google Ads to Oviond.

Create a Google manager account

A manager account is a Google Ads account that allows you to manage multiple Google Ad accounts through a single login.

You can learn more about creating a manager account here.

Connecting Google Ads

In order to connect your Google Ads account to Oviond, you will need the email address and password for the Google account that the Google manager account is associated with. You will only need to authenticate this email once on Oviond and then you will be able to connect to any Google Ads accounts that are associated with that email address.

Steps to follow to connect Google Ads as an integration on Oviond:

  1. Open Oviond and navigate to the client you wish to connect Google Ads to.

  2. Click on Google Ads.

  3. An authentication pop-up will appear (The first authenticated account will automatically be called "Default Google Ads Account") and you can change this here.

  4. Click the Google Account you wish to connect to and then click Allow.

  5. Choose Default Google Ads Account in the integration connection pop-up on the right.

  6. Choose the Google Ads Account then click Next.

  7. Choose the Google Ads Client you want to connect to and then click Save.

Note: Google Clients that are not named in the Google Account and are only using the Account ID may not appear in the list of Google Clients. Please go and give the Client a name and then try to connect it again on Oviond.

Limitations With Google Ads On Oviond

You will need to have Admin access in a manager account in order to connect Google Ads on Oviond.

Reconnecting Google Ads To Oviond

If you get this error message on your report "Data not found for Google Ads! Click here to connect or refresh." that looks like this:

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the refresh button next to the date selector in the project.

    if the widgets still don't load data

  2. Go to the Integration page for the client or click on connect in the widget and make sure you have connected the correct Google Ads account.

    if the widgets still don't load data

  3. Go to Manage Integrations and refresh the token for the authenticated account you connected to the client.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues with Google Ads on Oviond, please contact support.

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