Here are some of the highlighted product improvements that were worked on during June 2022.

A fully revised, updated and super powerful Google Sheets integration update.

A date column can now be used as a dimension so that Google Sheets can be controlled with the project date picker, we have also added the ability to assign formats (currently number, percent, currency, text and date) to columns and then define how the summary is aggregated (currently sum, average, count, max and min) for metrics.

Report cover pages update.

Report cover pages are now adjusted from within the "Report Pages" section of the Project Builder.

You have full control over how your cover page looks. We have included toggles to

  • Show / Hide the cover page

  • Show / Hide the logo

  • Show / Hide the project name

  • Show / Hide the project date range

  • Show / Hide the background image

And given you the ability to change or adjust

  • The background image

  • The text colour

  • The background colour

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