Oviond Agency tools allows you to combine data from any connected data integration from any client onto one dashboard. An example of a use case here would be if you wanted to monitor the Facebook Ads spend across multiple clients on one dashboard.

How to get started with Oviond Agency Tools

  1. Ensure you have at least 2 clients connected to Oviond with their associated integrations. E.g. Client 1 with Facebook ads connected and Client 2 with Facebook ads connected.

  2. From the Oviond home screen, select Oviond Agency Tools from top left (Small briefcase icon)

  3. Start a new project. You can setup a dashboard or reporting project with Oviond agency tools.

  4. Add a data widget. When in Oviond agency tools, you will now have the option to first select the client from the widget builder tool.

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