Oviond V2 Beta is available right now to all new trial sign-ups, and will become available as a free upgrade to ALL of our current customers from Q2 2022.

Here are a few of the highlights of the initial V2 release:

  • A brand new, vastly simplified user interface and Dashboard + Reporting Project builder tool that can be used out of the box or fully customised to your heart's content.

  • Client reporting or monitoring projects can now be started with a single click from our brand-new template gallery. We plan on releasing new templates monthly and will be adding a community template gallery soon.

  • Save time with Oviond's brand new standard sections! Your account comes stocked with a library of the most popular sections of grouped data widgets for all of our integrations. We try to cover as many use cases as possible and will be adding new sections every month.

  • Save your own sections for use on any client and any project in your account.

  • Brand-new project dashboard & reporting automation engine. We have completely simplified the way that project automations are set up, delivered and stored.

    • Takes less than a minute to set up an automation

    • Automation previews added

    • Automations available for dashboard + reporting projects.

    • Multiple automations can be added to one project, e.g. daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Account level white label completely rebuilt. Making Oviond your own has never been so easy. In a few clicks, you can add your own logo and brand colours to your account.

  • Dashboards and Reports can now be found under Projects.

  • We have simplified and completely re-engineered our dashboard and reporting project builder from the ground up.

    • Updated available content types

      • Data widget - Live

      • Blended data widget - July 2022

      • Text widget - Live

      • Image widget - Live

      • Video widget - Live

      • HTML widget - Live

  • Duplicate Projects. You are now able to duplicate any project with all of its content.

  • Duplicate any widget type. You are now able to duplicate any widget with all of its content within a section.

  • Copy and paste any widget type. You can now easily copy a widget and paste it into another section within a project.

  • New widget styling customization options. You can now customize

    • Text colour

    • Border

    • Border style

    • Border colour

    • Shadow

    • Padding

  • Meet our brand new in-line text editor. Adding and editing text to your dashboard and reporting projects has never been this easy.

  • We have also fully revised the way in which we store media and add images to projects.

  • Map charts have been added for location based data.

  • We have included Spline and Area Spline chart options.

  • New ways for you to customise data widgets.

    • Show / Hide Icon

    • Show / Hide Title

    • Show / Hide Date Range

    • Show / Hide Comparison

    • Show / Hide Grid Lines

    • Show / Hide Labels

    • Show / Hide Legends

  • Starter projects

We have added basic starter projects to most of the popular integrations and will be adding more over the next few weeks. Now, when a new integration is added, a starter dashboard project is automatically created.

  • Ability to re-order report pages

Report pages can now be re-ordered from within the report project builder.

  • A New $49 Starter Agency Price Plan

We have introduced a new entry level package for smaller agencies that are just getting started. You can have up to 10 clients with unlimited dashboard and reporting projects for just $49 per month.

  • Manual Project Refresh

Because Oviond is highly reliant on the reliability of data from 3rd party integrations, there are times when the widgets do not all load correctly. We have now included a manual refresh button which will trigger a full fetch for all data widgets included on the project.

  • Project Folders

V2 now has folders, making it super easy to group your clients together.

And many.... many more.

We will be announcing all the new features in V2 along with updated release times for some of the most popular features of our roadmap.

It's early days for V2, and we will be releasing improvements and updates almost daily for the next few weeks. We hope you like the update, and we know you are going to love what's to come.

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