What's New - January 2022

Learn what new features and improvements were released on Oviond in January 2022

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Happy New Year to all of our customers. We hope 2022 is a productive and successful year for you in every way! We have been super busy here @ Oviond over the holidays and are making great progress in getting our V2 platform finished and ready for official launch, set for Q2 2022.

V2 is up and running in Beta. You are welcome to sign up and test it at any time by clicking on v2.oviond.com

Below are some of the highlights that we were working on over the holidays.

  • Account level white label completely rebuilt. Making Oviond your own has never been so easy. In a few clicks, you can add your own logo and brand colours to your account.

  • Duplicate Projects. You are now able to duplicate any project with all of its content.

  • Duplicate any widget type. You are now able to duplicate any widget with all of its content within a section.

  • Copy and paste any widget type. You can now easily copy a widget and paste it into another section within a project.

  • New widget styling customization options. You can now customize

    • Text colour

    • Border

    • Border style

    • Border colour

    • Shadow

    • Padding

That's most of the bigger updates for now. We continue to make loads of improvements and optimizations under the hood and are pushing updates almost daily. Please keep an eye on our roadmap which will keep you posted on what we are working on next.

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