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Connecting Facebook Ads On Oviond
Connecting Facebook Ads On Oviond

Steps to assist you in connecting Facebook Ads on Oviond, including permissions, limitations, reconnecting, and possible error messages.

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This article will help you understand how to connect and use Facebook Ads on Oviond.

Facebook Ads Permissions

In order to pull your Facebook Ads data into Oviond, you will need Full control access to the Ad account as a People or Partner.

To check if you have the correct access to the Ad Account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Meta Business Suite under a new browser tab.

  2. Go into the settings for the business account where the ad account you are looking to connect to Oviond is linked.

  3. Go to More Business Settings.

  4. Under Accounts, select Ad accounts.

  5. Click on the Ad Account you want to check your access for.

All the people or partners that have been granted access to the Ad Account should be listed on this page, as well as their permission levels. Click on your name or company to see the level of permission you have on the Ad Account.

If you can see that you don’t have the correct permission for Oviond, you can request access to the Ad Account (this can be done through Meta Business Suite) or you can contact the owner of the Ad Account and ask them to grant you full control access on your email address.

Once you have been granted the correct Ad Account access, you will need to refresh the token for Facebook Ads on Oviond before attempting to connect Facebook Ads to your client.

Connecting Facebook Ads To Oviond

In order to connect Facebook Ads to Oviond, you will need the login details to the Facebook account that has full control access to the Ad Account. All the Pages, Ad Accounts, and Pixels managed on this Facebook Account will be available for you to connect to Oviond once this authentication has been made.

Steps to follow to connect Facebook Ads as an integration on Oviond:

  1. Make sure you are logged out of Facebook/Meta Business Suite.

  2. Go into your Oviond account and navigate to the client you want to connect Facebook Ads to.

  3. Click on Facebook Ads.

  4. An authentication pop-up will appear (The first authenticated account will automatically be called "Default Facebook Ads Account") and you can change this here. NOTE: if you are not logged out of Facebook and you have already connected Facebook to a client, this pop-up will not appear and Oviond will automatically connect to the Facebook account you have previously authenticated.

  5. Go through all the steps in the pop-up. Check the "Choose what you allow" section in the pop-up to make sure all Pages and Ad Accounts are checked.

  6. Once the pop-up closes, click on Default Facebook Ads Account and then click Next.

  7. Click on All Accounts.

  8. Select the Ad Account you would like to connect to the client and click Save.

Note: If you were added to the Ad Account as a Partner, be sure to click on All Accounts when connecting a Facebook Ad Account to a client on Oviond. Only Ad Accounts created in your Business Manager will appear in the main menu.

Limitations With Facebook Ads On Oviond

You will need Full control access to the Ad account as a People or Partner in order to connect Facebook Ads on Oviond.

Missing data or no totals

Since the Apple iOS update in 2021, data from Apple users on Facebook Ads has been blocked, which has caused the conversion-related data being shown on Facebook Ads and Oviond to be incomplete or lower than what can be seen on Meta Business Suite.

If you don't see the data you expected to see in Oviond, always go back onto Meta Business Suite and use the exact same date range to check if you are able to see that data there.

We have included some important filters in our query builder that will allow you to get the same results on Oviond that you do on Meta Business Suite.

Data not matching, aggregating, or missing is due to Campaigns or Ad Sets using multiple Attribution Windows. Facebook only aggregates metric totals if the attribution setting is the same. Multiple attribution settings would look like this in Meta Business Suite:

Which will then return a widget error or "0" in your data widget on Oviond. This is only the case with result/conversion-related metrics.

It's still possible to retrieve data for campaigns using multiple attribution settings by using the Unified Attribution Type and selecting which Attribution Windows were used in the Campaign/Ad Set. Oviond will still return the data per Day, Campaign, or Ad Set but won't be able to aggregate the data.

Account and Unified Attribution Windows Explained

The Unified Attribution Window will include data from Apple users in conversion-related metrics. This data will be accurate and match what you see on Meta Business Suite.

The Account Attribution Window will exclude data from Apple users in conversion-related metrics and therefore return lower numbers on these metrics.


Applying a filter to a widget will also remove totals from the Campaigns/Ad Sets.

Estimated Results

In some cases, a metric may be estimated. Facebook estimates some metrics using sampling or modeling. Oviond will return the same data that is shown in Meta Business Suite, as long as you are using the correct Attribution Type and Attribution Windows.

Reconnecting Facebook Ads To Oviond

If you get this error message on your report "Data not found for Facebook Ads! Click here to connect or refresh." that looks like this:

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the refresh button next to the date selector in the project.

    if the widgets still don't load data

  2. Go to the Integration page for the client or click on connect in the widget and make sure you have connected the correct Facebook Ads account.

    if the widgets still don't load data

  3. Go to Manage Integrations and refresh the token for the authenticated account you connected to the client.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues with Facebook Ads on Oviond, please contact support.

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