What's New - December 2021

Learn what new features and improvements were released on Oviond in December 2021

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December 2021 was a big month for Oviond, we released the Beta version of our brand new V2 platform.

V2 represents 5 years of learning, listening and improving. We take the input from our 5000 + customers very seriously and a lot of what V2 is, and will become, is as a direct result of listening to you. Technology moves fast, and we decided to change parts of our core technology stack. A lot of the great dev technologies available today were not around when we started building Oviond back in 2016. V2 is more than just an update, but rather a complete rebuild from the ground up. The re-imagined platform will enable us to release features, integrations and templates much faster.

Our goal is to give you the simplest, fastest and best digital marketing monitoring and reporting experience available at a fair price, coupled with the highest level of customer support so that you can save time and delight your customers.

V2 is available right now to all new trial sign-ups, and will become available as a free upgrade to ALL of our current customers from April 2022.

Here are a few of the highlights of the initial V2 release:

  • General UI refresh. We have simplified and modernized the entire app user interface.

  • Projects can be started with a single click from our brand-new template gallery. We plan on releasing new templates monthly and will be adding a community template gallery soon.

  • Funnels, Dashboards and Reports can now be found under Projects.

  • We have completely re-engineered our dashboard and reporting project builder from the ground up.

    • Updated available content types

      • Data widget - Live

      • Blended data widget - March 2022

      • Text widget - Live

      • Image widget - Live

      • Video widget - Live

      • HTML widget - Live

And many.... many more.

We will be announcing all the new features in V2 along with updated release times for some of the most popular features of our roadmap early in February 2022.

It's early days for V2, and we will be releasing improvements and updates almost daily for the next few weeks. We hope you like the update, and we know you are going to love what's to come.

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