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Understanding Oviond's custom domain feature
Understanding Oviond's custom domain feature

Share your dashboard and reporting projects with a link on your own domain with Oviond custom domain feature.

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What is a custom domain on Oviond?

By default, when you share a dashboard or reporting project from within Oviond's project builder or via automation, the browser link will start with

With Oviond's custom domain feature, you can serve your dashboard or reporting projects from your own domain, e.g.

How do I set up a custom domain on Oviond?

*Note that custom domains are not available to trial users and only available from the Small Agency plan upwards.

  • Click on account settings / white label

  • Scroll to the domains section (bottom of page) and click add domain

  • Enter a domain of your choice, e.g.

Once you have added your desired custom domain, the modal will close, and you will see your domain listed under domains with the requested status.

4. Update your domain's DNS Settings

  1. Login to domain host or DNS provider e.g Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains etc.

  2. Open DNS Records or Manage DNS.

  3. Create/Add New DNS Record.

  4. The type of record must be CNAME.

    1. NB: If your provider works with proxied statuses, please ensure to change your status from proxied to DNS Only.

  5. Host/Label can be whatever single name you desire. Example: clients or reporting or customers etc.

  6. Under Destination/Target, enter this address:

    Below is an example using Cloudflare.

What happens next?

Once your custom domain has the requested status, and you have followed the steps above and added the CNAME to your DNS your request will be processed within 2 working days and your custom domain will be activated.

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