How To Change The Account Profile Picture


By Monise Branca

updated 9 months ago

How To Change Your Account Profile Picture (Transcription)  

1. After signing in to Oviond, press the icon at the bottom left of the screen. 

2. Under the menu,  press "Settings". 

3. This should take you straight into "My Account". 

4. Under “My Account” press the “Profile Picture” icon

5. This should automatically direct you to a media uploader 

6. If you need to upload your picture, press “Upload Image”  (We recommend the size to be either 500 x 500 px or 250 x 250 px)

7. Select the image you want to upload and press “Upload Image” 

8. After the image is uploaded, the image will fall under “Uploaded Media” 

9. Pick the image you recently uploaded and press “Insert Media”. 

8. This should automatically change the profile picture  of the account 

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