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By Monise Branca

updated 9 months ago

To keep our clients up to date and allow an open line of communication with our team, we have put together a product roadmap where you will get all the information you need on what our team has been working on, what integrations or features are planned and we give our clients the ability to suggest any new feature and integrations.

Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap is divided into statuses and categories. Our statuses are used to notify the client how far the feature/integration is in our product development.

New: This stands for a new idea. New ideas on our roadmap are suggestions that have been approved by our users. New ideas are what our team uses to base the discussions on what to include in our product development.

Planned: This status indicates that our team has spoken about the feature/integration and decided when the integration will get worked on. Usually, a planned integration or feature will have a note attached to it, to indicate when the development is expected to begin.

In Progress: Once our team has begun the development of the integration or feature, the status will change to In Progress. A note will be attached to the integration or feature to indicate the expected time frame until the integration or feature are finalised.

NOTE: Changes in the time frame may vary as once an integration or feature is released they will go through internal testing before going live. 

Live: Once an integration or feature has been finalised and tested it will be set to live.

When you are on the product roadmap you are able to filter the features and integrations according to their statuses.

Our roadmap categories are what we have tagged our features and integrations under to help filter all the data.

Product: A product category will be all the features that we believe are changes that will be made at a product level.

Integrations: The integration category groups all the integrations into a single place.

Reporting: The reporting category will group all the reporting related features.

Dashboards: The dashboards category will group all the dashboard related features.

Metrics: The metrics category will group all the metrics related features.

General Tweaks, Improvements And Updates: The category is related to any small updates that have been made pre-existing integrations and features.

Suggesting An Idea

All requests and ideas for future integrations and features should be done through our roadmap.

To make a suggestion:

1. Go to

2. Press the button “Make A Suggestion”

3. Insert your email address and press “Submit”

NOTE: We encourage our users to use an email address that they check frequently. Our team will use the submitted email address to communicate any updates with the request. 

4. Type your idea and press submit

Please note that suggesting an idea to our team does not mean that your idea will get added to the roadmap. Once an idea has been submitted our team goes through an internal process to ensure that anything that is added to the roadmap can be done.

The two main reasons why a suggestion would be rejected from are roadmap are: 

No API: We work with third-party integrations, which means we need an API in order to request the data. If we are not able to find an API, the integration cannot be built by our development team. We do encourage our users who know and an API to submit the API link with their suggestion.

Not inline with our product: This is very rarely the case, however with every suggestion our team needs to consider if this is where we see the product going. If we believe it is not a good fit, the suggestion will be rejected.

Please do not use the roadmap to report any bugs in the app. 


We encourage all our users to upvote any integrations and features that they would like to see on the app. Our team basis sour product development on what we see is most popular with our users.

We use the upvoting system as a way to communicate with our users and their current needs. To upvote an integration or feature, you can use our statuses and categories to filter the data to find what you need, or you can use the search functionally to help make the search quick and easy.


Our roadmap tab is the perfect place to give you a high-level overview of what our team has marked as planned or in progress.


Our changelog is where we communicate all the changes to our users. Any status changes in integration or feature as well as any integration and feature that has been marked as live will show up in our changelog.

Our team tends to update the changed log every week, so we would encourage our users to keep an eye on the changelog.

We encourage our users to share anything from the changelog as well as leave their feedback on new features and integrations that have gone live!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer success team.

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