Getting Started With Google Ads On Oviond


By Lauren de Vaal

updated 7 months ago

Connecting a new integration can often be stressful. How do you know if your account is set up correctly when you're working with so many different platforms? Sometimes something as simple as a permission level can prevent you from connecting that integration to Oviond. In this article, we will be helping you understand how to get started with Google Ads on Oviond. 

Google Ads Permissions 

In order to pull your Google Ads data through to Oviond, you need to have a Google Ads MCC (Manager) Account. One way to check if you have an MCC account, click on the Google Account icon on the top right of your Google Ads screen, if the email address you are using for Google Ads is linked to an MCC account, you will see Manage appear under the Google Account.

Or alternatively, you could follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Ads account

  2. Go to Tools and settings

  3. Under Setup, select Access and security

  4. Go to Manager

  5. You will see under this tab if there is a Manager Account with the Ad Account

Remember that when you are authenticating your Google Ads account on Oviond you need to use the email address that is associated with your MCC account (Google Ads Accounts can be associated with multiple email addresses).

If you don't have an MCC account, the error message you can expect to see when trying to connect Google Ads to a client project is Warning: We Encountered Errors While Fetching Customer Clients. Please follow the steps below to rectify this.

Getting an MCC (Manager) Account on Google

MCC (My Clients Centre) and allows you to manage all your Google Ad accounts through a single login. Learn more about converting your current account into an MCC account.

Once you have signed up for an MCC account, follow the steps below to transfer your client's Ad accounts to a single login: 

  1. Go to Accounts

  2. Click on the blue + (plus)

  3. Link existing accounts

  4. Copy your Google Ads Customer ID and paste them in the block provided

  5. Send request

If you are an admin on all your Google Ads accounts you manage, you will be able to accept this request from each Google Ad account. You will receive an email from which you can accept the request for the MCC account to manage the Google Ad account.

Once this is done please go to and refresh the Google Ads token, using the email address for your MCC account. 

Connecting Google Ads To Oviond 

In order to connect your Google Ads account to Oviond, you will need to have an MCC account. 

When authenticating Google Ads on Oviond, you will need to know the Google account email address associated with the MCC account as well as the password for the Google account.

NB: If the email address you are using to authenticate with Oviond is not linked to an MCC account, you will receive this error message: Warning: Warning We Encountered Errors While Fetching Customer Client.

Let’s take a closer look at how to integrate Google Ads on Oviond:


  1. Select the Google Ads integration on Oviond’s integration page

  2. A pop-up authentication window will appear. Choose the Google account that your Google Ads account belongs to

  3. Click on Allow

  4. Choose which Google Ads account you want to connect to your client project, follow the steps and then click on Save

Blank Client Selection When Connecting Google Ads

When you connect your Google Ads account to Oviond and you see a blank selection, please ensure that your client’s ad accounts are not labeled with their account ID. To change the name of your client's ad account:

  1. From inside your Google Ads account, go to into Accounts 

  2. Click on the edit button next to the account ID

  3. Type in a name for the account

  4. Click Save

Re-authenticating Google Ads To Oviond

Working with APIs means that sometimes your authentications will need to be refreshed for security reasons. There are two error messages to look out for that can indicate that the token needs to be refreshed: Error: You Have Encountered An Unknown Error or Error: Missing Or Incorrect Authentication Credentials. 

If you refresh your dashboard or your reports and you are prompted with the above error message, you will need to refresh your integration token. You can refresh your Google Ads token on the Auth Accounts page in the Settings section on your Oviond account.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues with Google Ads on Oviond, please contact support.

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