We have had to make a few changes to the Facebook Ads widget builder to comply with Apple's iOS 14 policy. The changes that Apple has made are affecting the way data is sent via the Facebook Ads API.

Choosing which "Data View" to use on Oviond

Data View: Campaign/Ad Set or Ad Overview

If you want to see your data by Campaigns, Ad Sets, or Ads, you can use the relevant Data View from the widget builder. When creating widgets using these Data Views, you need to use Unified Attribution Setting in order for the data to match what is displayed on Ads Manager.

Using Account Attribution and the necessary Attribution Windows will present incorrect data. You can still select certain Attribution Windows when creating this widget if you would like to only include data from Campaigns, Ad Sets, or Ads using the specified Attribution Windows.

Understanding The Difference Between The Attribution Settings

Account Attribution Setting: Ad results will be shown using the attribution settings defined for the ad account. When using multiple Attribution Windows, this data will not match what is seen on the Ads Manager. You are able to see if you are using multiple Attribution Settings by looking at the total in the Attribution Setting column in the Performance (Default) view on your Ads Manager.

N.B. Using Account Attribution Setting in combination with the Attribution Windows will show results as they are in your Ads Manager.

Unified Attribution Setting: Ad results will be shown using Unified Attribution Settings defined at ad set level (Account Attribution Setting will be ignored if this Setting is used). If this Setting is used at the Account Overview level, the Attribution Window will still need to be selected, if used at Campaign, Ad Set, or Ad level, Unified Attribution Setting on its own will return the same results that can be seen on your Ads Manager.

More About Unified Attribution Setting

When you are using the Unified Attribution Setting, Facebook doesn’t allow you to aggregate some of the metrics; mainly metrics related to conversion metrics (Purchases, App Installs, and some Engagement metrics. These metrics will not aggregate when you are using multiple attribution settings. You can read more about this on the Troubleshoot Why Metrics Totals Not Showing With Multiple Attribution Settings help center article on Facebook.

If you are using Campaign, Ad Set, or Ads as a Data View in the widget builder, line item metric totals per Campaign, Ad Set, or Ad will display a total. We have been able to manually calculate some of the metric table totals but some will still display “0” in the total column when using the Unified Attribution Setting in your widgets. We are pulling this data directly from Facebook Ads so if you are still seeing mismatched data, or you do see totals on your Business Manager, but not on Oviond, please reach out to us with screenshots to show this.

Metrics affected by the attribution setting will return “0” in the line item metric totals as well as in the table total (Please note, depending on the Attribution Window used, their totals could be presented as "0" too. Only use Attribution Windows that match the Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads in your Account).

Note from Business Manager: Understanding the attribution setting

The attribution setting is a finite period of time during which conversions can be credited to your ads and used to inform campaign optimization. You can change the attribution setting for an ad set when you create a campaign.

Beginning on April 27, the default attribution setting for newly created ad sets will be changed to a 7-day click, which may result in a decrease in the number of reported conversions. This change will not impact the attribution settings of ad sets created before April 27.

Why Is My Data Still Not Matching?

Oviond will report on the exact data that Facebook Ads shows you. It is important to remember that when comparing the data you see for Ad Accounts on Business Manager that the data will match so long as you are comparing to the same date range, attribution setting, and other settings.

If you have changed the attribution settings and are still struggling with Facebook Ads metrics not matching data shown on Ads Manager, then please reach out to support.

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