What is a Custom Domain On Oviond?

A custom domain on Oviond is simply a CNAME record that needs to be created on your Cpanel and pointed to our servers. CNAME stands for Canonical Name and it is a hostname of a computer or network server.

The CNAME record can be used to indicate that a domain is also known as another domain. For example, www.domain.com and domain.com can be used to point a user to the same place. To avoid two different records being created for the same thing, you would create:

  • An A record known as domain.com to point to your IP address
  • A CNAME record known as www.domain.com that points to domain.com.

NOTE: A CNAME record needs to always point to another domain or destination and never to an IP address.

Requesting A Custom Domain On Oviond

If your plan allows you to have a custom domain, you can request your domain to be activated by:

  1. Going into your account settings
  2. Under the left menu bar, select “White Label”
  3. Select the “Custom Domain” button

A pop up will appear with instructions on how to set up the CNAME record on your hosting platform. The instructions are as follows:

To enable custom domain we need to add CNAME record to your domain's DNS records, to do this use the following instructions:

1. Login to domain host (e.g GoDaddy, Afrihost, Hetzner etc) panel.

2. Open DNS Records or Manage DNS

3. Create/Add New DNS Record

4. Type of record must be CNAME

NOTE: If your provider works with proxied statuses, please ensure to change your status from Proxied to DNS Only.

5. Host/Label can be whatever Single name you desire Example: shares or reports or app

6. Destination/Target you must enter this address us-east-1.galaxy-ingress.meteor.com

7. Save your record

8. Once you have added a CNAME record as shown above, add the host/label you added on your div DNS records below.

NOTE: A host or label can be anything that you want it to be. The most popular host labels from our clients are report, reports, dashboards, data, app, share and funnels.

Make sure you ONLY type your host/label under this section. Avoid using punctuation and symbols in this section.

9. Add the domain name below.

NOTE: In this section you would include your domain. If you domain is domain.com, you would add this to the section.

Picking one of the hosts/labels from above and using the domain above, your request should look like reports.domain.com.

10. Click Send Request.

Once you have requested your custom domain, you will see the status changed to requested. Our team processes these requests manually so please note this will not happen instantly. Once our team has picked up your request and have activated your CNAME, you will see it change to active.

How A Custom Domain Works On Oviond

Once your custom domain has been activated, you can start sharing your beautiful reports and dashboards.

The custom domain will show in all your shared reports and dashboards to provide a truly white label experience on your shared reports page. Please note that you will not be able to use your custom domain to sign in to Oviond. Learn more about sharing a report and dashboard.

Please note that you will still need to log into Oviond through app.oviond.com. Attempting to sign in to Oviond using your custom domain, will cause an endless redirect (endless loop).

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