How To Change Your Favicon And Logo (Transcription) 

1. After signing in to Oviond, press the icon at the bottom left of the screen. 

2. Under the menu,  press "Settings". 

3. This should take you straight into "My Account". 

4. On the menu on the left hand side press “White Label”. 

5. Under white label you will see a button named “Change Favicon”. Please note the dimensions are 90 x 90 px.  

6. Press “Change Favicon”.

7. If you have not uploaded your image, press “Upload image”.

8. Select the image you would like to upload and press “Upload Image”.

9. Once the media has been uploaded, press “Uploaded Media”.

10. Select the image you would like.

11. Press “Insert Media”.

12. You will see the logo change automatically. 

13. At the bottom of the page press “Save”.

14. Press “Yes, Save”. 

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